Tech For Conservation


The evolution of technology over the past decade has a lot to offer towards efforts for the conservation of nature. At The Habitats Trust, technology is entrenched in the DNA of our mothership. We hope to leverage the potential of technology for the conservation of lesser- known species and habitats.

Our work will span over two realms, one of possibilities and consequently, that of innovation. To begin with, this is what we’re putting our efforts towards:

  • We are leveraging geospatial data and its products to understand India's grassland coverage.
  • We are utilising subsea robotics to enhance and expedite coral reef monitoring efforts.
  • Our team is unveiling new insights into the natural world through acoustic monitoring and cutting-edge technologies.
  • We are harnessing machine intelligence (ML, AI, DL) to optimise and boost conservation efforts.
  • The team is identifying technology measures to prevent fatal collisions on railway lines traversing through wildlife habitats.

More about these projects coming soon. Watch this space.

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While we are engaged in creating innovative solutions to aid conservation, we always have an eye out for emerging technologies that we can acquire off the shelf or customise to battle specific conservation challenges.

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