Marine Programme


Our oceans and coasts are not only spaces of astonishing beauty and ecological richness, but also vital lifelines to people, with services and effects reaching far beyond the vicinity of these spaces. The Habitats Trust’s marine programmes aim to identify pressing issues faced by the myriad habitats beneath the water's surface, to gauge and monitor them along with communities that are interwoven with these ecosystems, to come up with novel measures to buffer them against threats at the local level, as well as wider-reaching threats such as climate change and the Anthropocene. Two such broad projects include:

  • Coral reef conservation: Coral reefs house an incredible variety of species, and provide countless ecosystem services, like acting as storm barriers while supporting countless livelihoods. THT currently works on the holistic conservation of reefs and their associated ecosystems in the Lakshadweep islands as well as India's mainland coast.
  • Sardine project: Pelagic fisheries in India are a complex web, supporting livelihoods, large economies, food security, and oceanic ecosystems alike. THT is trying to explore the conservation of such multi-dimensional ecosystems through the lens of Indian oil sardine fisheries.

More about our these projects coming soon. Watch this space.