On-Ground Initiatives


Also known as 'On-Ground Projects – Terrestrial and Freshwater', this programme aims to identify broad gaps in ecological knowledge and conservation requirements in terrestrial and freshwater landscapes, and aims to fill those gaps through research and evidence-based intervention.

While our priority is to support and partner with people and organisations working to address these gaps, when required, we also get mud on our boots to run projects. We are currently on-ground in the Dudhwa-Pilibhit terai landscape of Uttar Pradesh, lowland rainforests of Northeast India and the Western Ghats.

We also support teams working on multiple threatened species such as the Hoolock Gibbon and Pygmy Hog, as well as landscapes like the Deccan Plateau, arid and semi-arid grasslands of India and Myristica Swamps in the Western Ghats. We run citizen science programmes and work toward strengthening the field-readiness of forest department staff.

In the future, we wish to establish a strong network of teams across India working with the common goal of human well-being through inclusive biodiversity conservation.

More about our individual projects coming soon. Watch this space.