Protecting India's natural habitats and indigenous species of flora and fauna

The Habitats Trust is a coalition of passionate individuals coming together with the aim of securing natural habitats and their indigenous species. The Trust has a special focus on the conservation of lesser-known species and habitats that are threatened, but often neglected and are in urgent need of conservation attention. From working on the conservation of the Indian Pangolin – the world's most trafficked mammal, saving the Great Indian Bustard with fewer than 150 individuals surviving in the wild, or restoring coral reef ecosystems of which approximately 75% are threatened by human activity today, The Habitats Trust has been at the forefront of generating conservation action for these seldom highlighted causes.



The Trust engages stakeholders at every level, those directly involved in on- ground efforts and those affected by the loss of biodiversity, to promote capacity building and knowledge sharing for the common cause of conservation.


We believe the need of the hour is the development of sustainable and replicable source codes for conservation, which are holistic and encompass all the vibrant flora and fauna that comprise a healthy ecosystem.


Technology runs through every facet of our lives, aiding us in attaining our goals. Through the Trust, we seek to engage technology to make conservation efforts more efficient and effective.


India is a megadiverse country, home to a variety of species and landscapes. We aim to disseminate our message of conservation to both urban and rural communities to garner public support to protect our teeming biodiversity.


Roshni Nadar Malhotra

Co-founder & Trustee

Shikhar Malhotra

Co-founder & Trustee

Rushikesh Chavan

Head, The Habitats Trust

Kashish Madan

Project Officer

Sunaina Mullick

Manager – Grants

Tanya Singh

Associate Manager – Grants

Vaishali Rawat

Coordinator – Communications & Outreach

Saket Agasti

Associate Manager - Technology for Conservation

Our Logo

The logo of The Habitats Trust has two distinct elements – the outline of a human hand along with the ears of an elephant. The combination of these two elements represents the symbiotic relationship between the largest species to walk this planet and humans, perhaps the most powerful species with the capacity to influence crucial ecosystems like never before. Owing to their size, elephants require the largest habitats and in protecting these habitats we humans can secure millions of other species preserving a harmonious ecosystem for generations to come.