THT Action Grant

THT Seed Grant (Up to 3,00,000)

THT Seed Grant aims to fill an urgent and critical gap in conservation action, focussing mostly on lesser-known species and critical habitats. The grant will be administered for up to one year.

Selection Parameters

  • Proposed objectives and goals of the project.
  • Methodology for the execution of the project objectives.
  • Project output measurability.
  • Priority will be given to species and/or habitats that are lesser-known, data deficient or critical.

Selection Criteria

  • Conservation Projects that are action oriented and need a timely, yet short-term intervention.
  • The projects can be a component of a bigger project with independent conservation output.
  • An urgent and topical conservation intervention such as rapid assessments, development of new or testing of methodologies, protection of critical habitats from threats etc.

Selection Process

The applications will be evaluated by an Internal Grants Review Committee every month and the recipient(s) will be announced during the last week of the month.