THT Action Grant

THT Action Grant ( 25,00,000)

The THT Action Grant supports individuals and organisations, who are working towards on-ground action conservation projects, which focus on lesser-known species and/or habitats that require urgent conservation intervention.
The grant is open to organisations and individuals. It will be administered for two years and be given to three shortlisted applicants.

Applications for the THT Conservation Grant and THT Action Grant are now open. Last date to apply is July 1, 2024.

Selection Parameters

  • Applicant strength and capacity to deliver
  • Proposed objectives, goals, and relevance of the project
  • Methodology for the execution of the project activities
  • Measurability of outputs of the project
  • Priority will be given to species and/or habitats that are lesser known, data deficient or critical

Selection Process

  • Applicants who have successfully submitted their applications are screened by external auditors, to check if they meet all the eligibility requirements and pre-requisites for the grants.
  • All eligible applications are evaluated by a team of experts and sector specialist’s, the Sub-Jury, basis the key evaluation parameters.
  • The Sub-Jury member(s) and THT team visit shortlisted applicants for field level evaluation and verification at the proposed project’s sites.
  • The Sub-Jury selects finalists based on strength of proposal, strength of applicant, and field level evaluation scores. The finalists have to undergo another in-depth level of due diligence.
  • The finalists are invited to present their projects to the Jury for the final evaluation.
  • The Jury selects the grant recipients based on past evaluations and presentations made by the finalists.