Technology for Conservation

The evolution of technology over the past decade has a lot to offer towards efforts for the conservation of nature. The innovative use of technology can expand the bounds of traditional ecological inference and conservation strategies. Traditional techniques in ecology for research, monitoring and management can be greatly aided with the smart use of technology.

At The Habitats Trust, technology is entrenched in the DNA of our mothership. There is a need for technological initiatives to support comprehensive conservation management. We hope to leverage the potential of technology for the conservation of lesser-known species and habitats.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the existing technology and its successful implementation on the ground, as well as promote innovative solutions for the conservation of wildlife and habitats that are not well-known.

Our approach

Technological infrastructure

Building a knowledge base of conservation technologies and associated infrastructure

Conservation Technology hub

Channelising and developing technological solutions

On ground conservation

Creating replicable source-codes for implementing technological solutions for conservation on the ground

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There is immense scope for using technology to uplift conservation initiatives, and the possibilities can increase multi-fold through creative collaborations. If the use of technology in conservation excites you, we would love to hear from you!

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