The Corbett Foundation

Grant Strategic Partnership Grant 2020

Project Name:

Conservation and recovery of the Great Indian Bustard in Kutch

Project Brief:

With a global population of fewer than 150 individuals, the Great Indian Bustard (GIB) is a critically endangered bird, majorly found in India. The Kutch district in Gujarat, one of the last abodes of GIB has mere 2 sq. km of Protected Area, and majority of bustard population survives outside it. The birds survive mainly in 220 sq km of core bustard habitat that consists of more than 40 villages within, and thus the involvement of local communities is crucial for the long-term conservation of bustards in this region.

One of the biggest threats to GIBs are overhead power lines, which are embedded in the landscape of Kutch and Thar. Other anthropogenic disturbances such as habitat loss accelerate the extinction of this bird. For over a decade, The Corbett Foundation (TCF) has worked with the local communities for the conservation of GIB and its associated species with a holistic approach to bustard conservation with the active engagement of the local community. TCF proposes a multidimensional approach to address GIB conservation that includes habitat restoration, organic farming, scientific livestock management, model of rotational grazing.

Project objectives:
  • To work with local villagers in restoring community grazing land and reduce livestock grazing pressure on natural grasslands.
  • To work with local villagers in growing bustard-friendly crops organically and ensuring market linkages.
  • To install bird-diverters on the selected section of critical powerlines within GIB habitat in Kutch and evaluate its impact through scientific study.
  • To support the local community in scientific livestock management.
  • To sensitise the local community in bustard conservation through regular awareness programmes.
  • To undertake advocacy work at the local, national and international level for the long term conservation of Great Indian Bustard in India.