Species and Habitats Awareness Programme

The 'Species & Habitats Awareness Programme', in partnership with the Marathi media house MahaMTB, is a series of 100 short films that focuses on the habitats and species found in Maharashtra, and is made with a focus on the local communities that coexist and thrive with them.

The films span the length and breadth of the state, and include habitats which many don’t know about, and some which everyone does — from the Western Ghats, to the Konkan coast, Nashik’s hills to Mumbai’s creeks — dive in.

As we zoom in towards the hyper local, we have made these films in the language of the locals, with English subtitles.


Watch Our Other Films

In the past few years, The Habitats Trust has commissioned a total of 190 films. Told by the locals themselves, these films span across states, species and habitats.