Bat Conservation India Trust

Lesser-known Species Grant 2020

Project Name:

Research and conservation to prevent extinction of the Kolar-leaf Nosed Bat

Project Brief:

The Kolar Leaf-Nosed Bat (Hipposideros hypophyllus) is found in only one cave in Karnataka, with only about 150-200 individuals remaining (IUCN 2014). This project aims to understand more about their ecological behaviour so that necessary steps can be taken to prevent their extinction. There is no information on the foraging behaviour like range of occupancy, preferred habitat and diet. Additionally, their last remaining roost site is disturbed due to hunting for perceived medicinal purposes, as well as stone quarrying in the nearby region.

It is crucial to take immediate steps to prevent this species which is at the brink of extinction. There is a need to understand their foraging area, diet preferences, roosting requirements, etc. So that appropriate long term conservation action plan can be developed. The project will work towards bringing more land area under protection, recording ecological information about the bat, while also surveying other areas where these bats could still be surviving.

Project objectives:
  • To increase the area of the recently declared Hanumanahalli Conservation Reserve by bringing the adjacent scrub and agricultural land under Protected Area.
  • Work with local farmers towards following organic cultivation to sustain insect population that is necessary for the survival of this bat.
  • Collection scientific data to understand foraging area, diet preferences, roosting requirements, etc, but collecting morphological, acoustic, molecular data on this species.
Highlights from field:
  • Project is still underway