Feather Library Charitable Trust

THT Seed Grant (August 2022)

Project Name:

The Feather Library

Project Brief:

This unique project will collaborate with bird rescue organisations which help thousands of birds every year. Feather Library Charitable Trust identified a novel opportunity to create a new bird specimen database using feathers.

Some of these birds unfortunately succumb to their injuries, and the Feather Library hopes to use the valuable information left behind by the bird to better understand the species. By doing so, the project aims to monitor bird disease, mortality and natural history; to act as a library of specimens, feathers and genetic data; and to serve as a repository of feathers for transplants (in rescued birds).

This resource will be curated both online and in a physical museum collection, and made publicly available for science, conservation and education. Simultaneously, the Feather Library will also work towards building a network of rescue organisations, research institutions, scientists and educators across the country.

Project objectives:

During the year, the trust intends to implement phase two of their initiative which includes:

  • Collaborate with multiple rescue organisations in Gujarat and Karnataka with requisite permissions, and begin housing and curating a collection in NCBS
  • Curate 300 feather summaries and 200 extended specimens
  • Communicate the potential of this data to multiple conservation and education organisations across the country to ensure immediate uptake of the data
  • Jointly organise at least two events with nature educators to showcase the beauty of birds through their feathers